A charming oasis in the heart of Rome

Romolo a Trastevere is the restaurant surrounded by Renaissance walls ‘where Raffaello fell in love with the beautiful Fornarina, muse of his paintings’.
The artworks adorn the interior rooms, decorated in classic style. The internal staircase leads to the romantic courtyard an to the terrace, charming oasis in the heart of Rome, not far from Gianicolo and the picturesque alleys of Trastevere. In summer guests can enjoy a magical atmosphere under the green arbor, with warm and soft lighting. The place is ideal for a tasteful break with the flavors of the Roman tradition. In the warm autumn and spring evenings it is possible to dine outside under the gazebo.

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Romantic restaurant in center Rome Trastevere

The traditional Roman Cuisine with ingredients of excellent quality. Since 1930

Raphael, the Fornarina and Romolo

A romantic legend set in the 16th century goes that the famous painter Raffaello was in love with Margherita Luti, the lovely ‘Fornarina‘ daughter of a baker.
The biographer G. Vasari wrote that Margherita marked the life and the artistic evolution of Raffaello. The certain traces are the masterpieces which take on his beloved’s features; the most famous portrait is on display at the Roman “Galleria Barberini”.

Popular tradition has it that Fornarina lived in a small palazzo in Trastevere, near Porta Settimiana (honorary arch of Septimus Severus encased in the Aurelian Walls).
Today the building hosts Romolo and the romantic courtyard.
The centuries have passed, but this dwelling remains a lovers’ sanctuary and a witness to passionate kisses exchanged under the characteristic arch of the Fornarina’s window.

In 1930 Romolo Casali takes over the historic tavern which, according to tradition, has belonged to the popular bakeress.
The restaurant becomes famous for the excellent Roman cuisine and because Trilussa, the most beloved Roman poet of the twentieth century has his permanent table here, as an iscription in the hall reminds us.
The enchanting terraces and interior rooms are surrounded by Renaissance walls.
They welcome you into an Atmosphere of “Miths and History”.